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Websites of prominent discourse analysts

Since the list of all discourse analysts in the world would be too long for this page, we have provisionally only included some well-known senior scholars who have widely published in discourse or conversation analysis. But the list is somewhat arbitrary. Some well-known senior scholars simply have no web-site. NOT being included here does NOT mean you are not a good, great, well-known or famous discourse analyst, only that I did not have your web-site. I at least tried to include most of the board members of Discourse & Society and Discourse Studies.

Checked in November 2013: many  of these links are no longer valid,  so they all need to be checked and corrected (one day). Sorry.

See also the personal web-pages of the Linguist List.

Charles Antaki
Vijay Bhatia
Douglas Biber
Michael Billig
Jan Blommaert
Charles Briggs
Mary Bucholtz
Helena Calsamiglia
Wallace Chafe
Paul Chilton
Herbert Clark
Stephen Clayman
Malcolm Coulthard
Justine Coupland
Nikolas Coupland
Robert de Beaugrande
John Downing
Paul Drew
Alessandro Duranti
Derek Edwards
Susan Ehrlich

Norman Fairclough
John Flowerdew
Sonja Foss
Barbara Fox
Bruce Fraser
MortonAnn Gernsbacher
Talmy Givón
Charles Goodwin
Art Graesser
Phil Graham
Britt-Louise Gunnarsson
Kirah Hall
Monica Heller
John Heritage
Ken Hyland
Dell Hymes
Janet Holmes
Siegfried Jäger
Adam Jaworski
Barbara Johnstone
Walter Kintsch
Helga Kotthoff

Gunther Kress
William Labov
Robin Lakoff
Michelle Lazar
Geoffrey Leech
Stephen C. Levinson 
Dominique Maingueneau
James R. Martin
Luisa Martín Rojo
Douglas Maynard
Lorenza Mondada
Dennis Mumby
Greg Myers
Elinor Ochs
Susan U. Philips
Jonathan Potter
Anita Pomerantz
Uta Quasthoff
Ellen Prince  
Tanya Reinhart
Emanuel A. Schegloff
Bambi Schieffelin
Deborah Schiffrin
Ron Scollon
Michael Stubbs
John Swales
Deborah Tannen  
Paul ten Have
Sandra Thompson
Joanna Thornborrow
Karen Tracy
Teun A. van Dijk
Frans H. van Eemeren
Theo van Leeuwen
Eija Ventola
Jef Verschueren
Karen Watson-Gegeo
Bonnie Webber
Candace West
Margaret Wetherell
Uli Windisch
Ruth Wodak
Stanton Wortham
Shi  Xu