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Below are some simple bibliographies, many of which are non-selective, that is, results of searches of which spurious (and double) items have not been removed. To limit their size, most of the bibliographies are of books only, and often only in English, German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish and Norwegia. They have been compiled as a service for my students and colleagues, and I only include them in this website so that they can be used by other researchers.  Please note that they are much less useful today since we have such programs as Google, Google Scholar, Google Books, Zotero, etc.  Since bibliographies age rapidly, I have only included bibliographies of the last two years (2012-2013).  They are in .doc format - which is easier to use and to copy than PDF - and in alphabetical order. Only bibliographies on rather general topics and issues are included. For specialized bibliographical references, see Google.  

For bibliographies of general introductions to discourse studies and critical discourse studies, which are regularly updated, see Introductions to Discourse Studies and Introductions to Critical Discourse Studies (which are .pdf files). 

Advertising (Books)

AIDS Discourse


Classroom discourse

Common Ground

Deictic Expressions - Indexicals

Discourse & Coherence

Discourse & Development

Discourse & Evolution

Discourse & Internet

Discourse & Resistance

Discourse & Sport

Discourse & Youth

Discourse and Gender (Books)

Discourse and Homosexuality

Discourse and Multicultural Education

Discourse and Sexuality (Books)

Discourse and Style

Discourse Strategies

Discourse, New Media and Youth

Discourse, Politics and Ideology


Emotion Discourse

Event Perception


Gender and Conversation

Gender in Textbooks


Hate Speech



History of racism

Humor and Discourse

Identity and discourse

Ideology and Discourse (Books)

Language and Evolution

Legal Discourse (Books)


Media and Minorities

Media Discourse

Medical Discourse

Medical Knowledge and Discourse


Multimodality (Books)

Nationalism and Discourse

News and the Economy

News Discourse


Political Discourse (Books)

Presidential Debates


Racism and Discourse

Racism and the Media (Books)

Racism in Europe (Books)

Religious Discourse

Schizophrenic Discourse

Security Discourse

Sexual Harassment


Titles and Headlines

Youth and Media