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Project on Context

Since several years I have been engaged in a project on the theory of context. This project culminated in a large (700 pp) book, which however for obvious reasons (no publisher today publishes theoretical books of this size) had to be split into two books, one on context, language, cognition and discourse, and one on context, social cognition, society, and culture. The example used throughout this book is a speech by Tony Blair persuading  British parliament to accept his motion to invade Iraq. The last chapter of the second book analyzes this whole debate, and thus also implies a more political application of the theory. The main thesis of the theory is that contexts are not, as was hitherto assumed, some kind of social environment of talk and text, but rather the interpretation by the participants of the ongoingly relevant dimensions of this social environment. This interpretation is represented in so-called 'context models' in episodic memory. These context models control all the relevant aspects of the production and comprehension of discourse that vary with the social situation.

Those who are interested may have a look at the Preface of the (first) of these two books on context.

My publications on context:


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*French version to be published in Semen, 2009

Updated May 1, 2009