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Below are some useful links to other sites, lists, journals, homepages and other information that is relevant for the study of discourse.

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Web-sites and discussion lists
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 Bibliographies on various topics in discourse studies.

Web-sites, discussion lists and electronic journals

The Linguist List
The Linguist List is without doubt the major information source for linguists on the internet. Read by thousands, it offers information about homepages of institutes, conferences and linguists, e-mail addresses of linguists, job offers, and much more. It features papers, debates, book reviews, and much more.

DISCOURS: The Discourse Studies List
"DISCOURS is an interdisciplinary forum for scholars from diverse fields to discuss discourse theory and practice from a wide range of perspectives." To date, this list is the only general forum for the study of discourse on the internet.

The Critics-L is an interdisciplinary forum for debate for all those actively engaged in the critical study of discourse, language and communication. Scholars working and publishing in this perspective, as well as PhD students who prepare a thesis in the area of critical discourse analysis, are welcome to request access to the list by filling in this form.For further information, please write to vandijk at

Language in the New Capitalism
Very useful list, stimulated by Norman Fairclough, set up by Joan Pujolar, and now coordinated by Phil Graham.

Ethno/CA News: E-mail discussion lists
The most prominent website for information, discussion lists, resources and people in Conversation Analysis.

Text Semiotics
Useful page with many references to associations, journals, publications, etc in textual semiotics.

Systemic Page
Website of Systemic-Functional Grammar/Linguistics, one of the linguistic theories most applied by (linguistic) discourse analysts. See also Information for Systemic-Functional Linguists.

Rhetorical Structure Theory (RST) Website
RST is a theory of discourse coherence defined in terms of functional relations between discourse units. The website provides introductions to RST in English, French and Spanish, bibliographies, sample analyses and other resourced.

Discussion forum for linguistic anthropology.

Página argentina de estudios del discurso, con un enlace a la revista de internet

Otra página argentina de estudios del discurso.

Publicación periódica del  Centro di Ricerca Semiotica “Ferruccio Rossi-Landi” (CRS), del Istituto Italoargentino di Ricerca Sociale “Antonio Gramsci” (IIRS) dependiente del Istituto Italiano di Ricerca Sociale de Roma y del Institut Européen de Recherche Sociale de Bruselas en colaboración con los institutos de investigación de la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la Universidad de Buenos Aires y del CONICET de Argentina.

Sociedad y Discurso
Revista electrónica del Departamento de Español y Estudios Internationales, Instituto de Lenguas y Estudios Interculturales, Universidad de Aalborg, Dinamarca

Website under construction of the new Center for Discourse Studies, Barcelona, at the moment organizing professors and students of discourse studies at the Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, but possibly integrating other universities in Barcelona in the future.

Societies and Organizations for the Study of Discourse

The Society for Text and Discourse
International society for scholars engaged in discourse analysis. Although the society is open to all discourse analysts, most of its members are psychologists working on text processing and related issues. Its homepage has useful information about past and upcoming conferences.

IPRA-International Pragmatics Association

ALED. Asociación Latino-americana de Estudios del Discurso.
The first and foremost regional association for the study of discourse. Organizes bi-annual congresses, and soon also its own Journal. [Website temporarily not accessible].

Xarxa d'Estudis del Discurs/Red de Estudios del Discurso
Network of discourse research groups in Spain, France and Argentina. [In Catalan].

Cátedra Unesco para la Lectura y la Escritura
The international network in Latin America (Cali, Valparaiso, Buenos Aires) of chairs/departments involved in the applied study of discourse, reading and writing, directed by Cristina Martínez (Cali, Colombia).


See also the list of journals of the LINGUIST list.

Critical Discourse Studies
"Critical Discourse Studies
is a new journal dedicated to critical study of discourse in research within the social sciences and humanities. It aims to have a broader interdisciplinary appeal than existing journals, and to publish theoretical as well as analytical contributions. The journal has been established in response to the rapidly increasing use of critical discourse studies and critical discourse analysis in many disciplines. It also aims to connect critical academic research with practical concerns and agendas, including those of poliical camaigns and social movements." (Blurb of Routledge, the publisher).

Discourse Processes
The official journal for the Society for Text and Discourse. Features articles in all areas of discourse analysis, and especially in the field of the psychology of discourse processing.

Discourse Studies
International and multidiscplinary journal for the study of discourse. Publishes especially work in discourse linguistics, conversation analysis, the psychology of text processing, and cultural studies of discourse.

Discourse & Society
International and multidisciplinary journal for the study of the social and political aspects of discourse, as well as for critical approaches in discourse studies.

Discourse & Communication
New journal (as from 2007) covering the interdisciplinary field between discourse and communication studies, propagating qualitative discourse analysis in the study of issues in communication.

Journal of  Multicultural Discourses  
Journal dedicated to a multicultural approach in the study of discourse, critical of exclusively "Western" approaches. 

TEXT & TALK. An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Discourse
The first international journal for the study of discourse. Founded in 1980 by Teun A. van Dijk and János Petöfi, and edited by Teun A. van Dijk between 1980 and 1999. Now edited by Srikant Sarangi.

The Journal of Language and Politics
A new journal, edited by Paul Chilton and Ruth Wodak.

Research on Language and Social Interaction
Journal specifically dedicated to the publication of work on conversation/dialogue in interaction.

Journal of Pragmatics
" The journal (...) provides a forum for pragmatic studies in sociolinguistics, general linguistics, conversation analysis, discourse analysis, cognitive linguistics, computational linguistics, applied linguistics and other areas of linguistic research."

Language in Society
The classical journal of sociolinguistics. Also publishes studies on discourse.

Journal of Sociolinguistics
"The journal is concerned with language in all its dimensions, macro and micro, as formal features or abstract discourses, as situated talk or written text."

Language and Communication
"This journal is unique in that it provides a forum devoted to the discussion of topics and issues in communication which is of interdisciplinary significance. It publishes contributions from researchers in all fields relevant to the study of verbal and non-verbal communication."

Journal of the International Association for Semiotic Studies.

Social Semiotics
"Social Semiotics invites papers that carry out textual analyses framed by a rigorous understanding of political economy, processes of production and/or patterns of consumption, and issues of embodiment, both race and gender."

Written Communication
"Provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas, theoretical viewpoints and methodological approaches that better define and further develop thought and practice in the exciting study of the written word."

Political Communication
"The journal welcomes all research methods and analytical viewpoints that advance understanding of the practices, processes, and policy implications of political communication in all its forms."

Journal of Linguistic Anthropology
The journal of the Society for Linguistic Anthropology.

 Journal of  Multicultural Discourses  
Journal dedicated to a multicultural approach in the study of discourse, critical of exclusively "Western" approaches. 

University Programs

Discourse Studies in Barcelona (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)

Studies in (Critical) Discourse Analysis: Lancaster University

Discourse and Argumentation Studies Amsterdam (DASA)
University of Amsterdam international MA program for the study of discourse and argumentation.

Discourse Studies at Texas A&M University

Research Institutes

DISS. Duisburger Institut für Sprach- und Sozialforschung
Founded and directed by Siegfried Jäger. Leading research institute, for the critical study of discourse, specialized in the study of racist discourse. Regularly publishes books and brochures on burning social issues.

Centre d'Analyse du Discours (C.A.D)
Research center of the Université de Paris 13, directed by Patrick Charaudeau.

Upcoming Conferences and Other Events

Conference schedules for linguists

Web-sites of Discourse/Conversation Analysts

Since the list of all discourse analysts in the world would be too long for this page, we have provisionally only included some well-known senior scholars who have widely published in discourse or conversation analysis. But the list is somewhat arbitrary. Some well-known senior scholars simply have no web-site. NOT being included here does NOT mean you are not a good, great, well-known or famous discourse analyst, only that I did not have your web-site. I at least tried to include most of the board members of Discourse & Society and Discourse Studies.

Last checked: September 25, 2006

See also the personal web-pages of the Linguist List.

Charles Antaki
Vijay Bhatia
Douglas Biber
Michael Billig
Jan Blommaert
Adriana Bolívar
Charles Briggs

Mary Bucholtz
Helena Calsamiglia
Wallace Chafe

Paul Chilton
Herbert Clark
Stephen Clayman
Malcolm Coulthard

Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen
Justine Coupland
Nikolas Coupland

Robert de Beaugrande
John Downing
Paul Drew
Alessandro Duranti
Derek Edwards
Susan Ehrlich

Norman Fairclough
John Flowerdew
Sonja Foss
Barbara Fox
Bruce Fraser
MortonAnn Gernsbacher

Talmy Givón
Charles Goodwin

Art Graesser
Phil Graham
Britt-Louise Gunnarsson
Kirah Hall

Monica Heller
John Heritage
Ken Hyland
Dell Hymes
Janet Holmes
Siegfried Jäger
Adam Jaworski
Barbara Johnstone
Walter Kintsch
Helga Kotthoff

Gunther Kress
William Labov
Robin Lakoff
Michelle Lazar
Geoffrey Leech

Stephen C. Levinson 
Dominique Maingueneau
James R. Martin
Luisa Martín Rojo
Douglas Maynard
Lorenza Mondada
Dennis Mumby
Greg Myers

Elinor Ochs
Susan U. Philips
Jonathan Potter

Anita Pomerantz
Uta Quasthoff
Ellen Prince
Tanya Reinhart

Emanuel A. Schegloff
Bambi Schieffelin
Deborah Schiffrin
Ron Scollon

Michael Stubbs
John Swales
Deborah Tannen  
Paul ten Have
Sandra Thompson
Joanna Thornborrow
Karen Tracy
Teun A. van Dijk
Frans H. van Eemeren
Theo van Leeuwen
Eija Ventola
Jef Verschueren
Karen Watson-Gegeo
Bonnie Webber
Candace West
Margaret Wetherell
Uli Windisch

Ruth Wodak (Project Vienna)
Ruth Wodak (Lancaster)
Stanton Wortham

Shi  Xu