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An interdisciplinary journal


Among its collection of journals in the fields of the studies of communication and discourse, Sage, Ltd. (London) will publish a new journal as from 2007 that covers the field between these two disciplines: Discourse & Communication.

The new journal, edited by veteran journal editor Teun A. van Dijk (Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona), assisted by an international board of prominent experts in discourse analysis and communication studies, aims to publish high quality papers that pay specific attention to the qualitative, discourse analytical approach to issues in communication research. Besides the classical social scientific methods in communication research, such a content analysis and frame analysis, a more explicit study of the structures of discourse (text, talk, images or multimedia messages) allows unprecedented empirical insights into the many phenomena of communication. And since contemporary discourse study is not limited to the account of ‘texts’ or ‘conversation’ alone, but has extended its field to the study of the cognitive, societal, cultural, political and historical ‘contexts’ of discourse, it is also able to be integrated in the broader study of these broader dimensions of communication.

Discourse & Communication
will publish substantial research papers, discussion notes as well as reviews and review articles by women and men from many countries and cultures. Its diversity will also be apparent in the variety of its theories, methods and approaches, thus avoiding the frequent limitation to one school, approach or academic sect. The only criterion will be the quality, the originality and the analytical sophistication of its articles. Moreover, the style of its contributions will avoid unnecessary jargon, and thus make the journal eminently accessible to scholars and students from many disciplines.

Discourse & Communication
specifically addresses readers in any field of communication who are interested in qualitative, discourse analytical approaches, on the one hand, and scholars in discourse studies, linguistics, pragmatics, semiotics and related fields who are interested in issues of communication, on the other hand.

Discourse & Communication
will be published as from 2007, with 4 issues per year.

For submissions and information about editorial policy, consult Aims, Instructions to Authors and Preferred Articles of
Discourse & Communication.

For further questions about editorial policy, please write to the Editor: Teun A. van Dijk (journals at discourse-in-society dot org).

For subcriptions, consult the publisher's website of the new journal: http://www.sagepub.co.uk/dcm.

The (provisional) Board of  DISCOURSE

Members of  the board (under construction) of the new journal are: 
David Altheide, Mats Alvesson, Karen Lee Ashcraft, Francesca Bargiela, Janet Bavelas, Charles Bazerman, Allan Bell, Vijay K. Bhatia, Donal Carbaugh, Donald J. Cegala, Patrick Charaudeau, François Cooren, Nik Coupland, Ling Chen, George Cheney, Stanley Deetz, John Downing, Frederick Erickson, Norman Fairclough, Gail Fairhurst, Kristine Fitch, Cynthia Gallois, William A. Gamson, Doris Graber, David Grant, Cynthia Hardy, Susan C. Herring, Janet Holmes, Cheris Kramarae, Curtis LeBaron, Jay Lemke, Tamar Liebes, Per Linell, Sonia Livingstone, Margaret McLaughlin, Ulrike Meinhof, Marcyliena Morgan, Dennis Mumby, Sik Hung Ng, Anita Pomerantz,  Linda Putnam, Cynthia Stohl, Ron Scollon, John Swales, Karen Tracy, Gaye Tuchman, Theo van Leeuwen, Ruth Wodak, Yunxia Zhu.

Further board members who are experts in this interdisciplinary domain are searched especially in Africa, China, India, Japan, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Recommendations for new board members will be welcome.