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The CRITICS-L list is one of the projects of the International CRITICS Foundation. It provides a discussion forum as well as information and other services for scholars who are actively engaged (doing research and publishing) in any domain of the critical study of language, discourse and communication.

The CRITICS-L List particularly also welcomes Ph.D. students who prepare a doctoral dissertation in this domain.

Scholars and students who want to join the CRITICS-L list may apply by sending the following information:

1. Last Name(s)

2. First Name(s)

3. Year of birth

4. Male/Female

5. Present function/position (e.g., lecturer, full professor, Ph.D. student, etc.)

6. Full institutional address, phone(s), fax, e-mail

7. Private address and phone number (+ country + area codes).

8. Main discipline of research (e.g., linguistics, psychology)

9. Area(s) of specialization (e.g., gender and discourse; argumentation)

9. Brief description (max 100 words) of main current critical research project, followed by some keywords.

10. Your *key* publications (max about 5) in *critical* analysis --not in other domains.

Send the completed forms to: vandijk at

List convenor is:

Teun A. van Dijk
Universitat Pompeu Fabr
Dept. de Traducció i Filologia

La Rambla 30-32
08002 Barcelona (Spain)

Personal messages and requests for further information may be sent to Teun A. van Dijk at the following e-address:
vandijk at

Applicants who are accepted as members of the list will receive an e-mail message that they have been added to the list. They will also receive further information about CRITICS, and be requested to join the CRITICS Bibliography Project. Besides Ph.D. students who are preparing a dissertation on a critical topic, access to the list is open to all scholars who already have published in any domain of critical study of language, discourse or communication.

Please feel free to forward this information/form to other researchers who are actively engaged (with research AND publications) in the critical study of language, discourse or communication.